Saturday, April 30, 2016

MOD LOL PRO 100% don't get banned account (Riot said)

Mod Skin Lol Pro help you playing game league of legends to happy :)

Mod Skin does not necessarily harm the turnover of the business. Our job is to make our players become happier when joining games. The custom tool from another individual or organization to act as a partner to help entice players to come to us more. From that perspective the ban players using skin mod is an extremely stupid thing

Riot said:

In our case, we've made a decision that custom skins/splashes aren't necessarily hurting the business. Our business is in making our players happy - the ability to custom stuff is likely what keeps certain people interested in our game, and acts as a force multiplier for other people. From that perspective, banning people is incredibly stupid. We're forcing people out of our game, and lessening the experience of other players, for no real clear benefit.

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  1. currently super galaxy rumble has no particles showing on Q and possibly W, please fix.

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  4. If you don't want to have a banned account better follow the rules and guidelines posted on the game site. Checkout the players from who writes tips on how to play the game properly.

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