Thursday, March 31, 2016

League of Legends Skin Tool - Compliance policies Riot Game

This is software get Free Skin Riot League of Legend.

Support all sever League of Legends: VN,TH,AR,BG,CZ,DE,GR,ES,FR,HU,IT,JP,KR,NL,PL,BR,RO ,RU,TR,CN... Skin Pro Mod Team is conducting the first upgrade and improve skin mod software "LOL PRO" to order to bring the best experience to users.LOL PRO Proud Mod Skin LOL good software least the World.

Support all language

Full 100% Skin

Software updates ~ 03/24/2016 LOLPro: New version 6.6 from
- Fixed W Wukong (Wukong)
- Fixed R Annie
- Fixed Spider Elise
- Fix Gun Hei
- Fixed E maokai
- Fixed Bug Malzahar
- Fixed a bug traps Nidalee
- Fixed R Shaco
- Fixed tree from W + Q & E zyra

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ How to use ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
1. Download the software and start the League of Legends
2. Run the software "LOLPro" (ModSkinLOL.exe)
3. Select your generals then select skins listed in the generals that you have selected -> click "Activate" (Name Skin)
4. Gaming choose generals with skin triggered and enjoy, your desired skin would be loaded when starting

How to use Mod Skin League of Legends

  1. Pure skin tool with NO hack functions comply with RIOT's policy // No harms to other players, just bring the power of spirit
  2. Customize your champion with many skins from ours, leaguecraft, lolking
  3. No installation needed ( 1 time run to use )
  4. Find lol path and compatible with any lol version automatically
  5. No modifications on ORIGINAL client files ( all are set to default when closing tool )
  6. Easy to use with just some clicks
  7. Clean and relevant User Interface

The software bị safety checks - no viruses safe for use

  • Link check online at Virustotal
  • File name: LOLPro 6.6 US update 24-03-2016
  • Detection ratio: 0 / 56
P/s: we need your precious feedbacks to make this skin tool better in the future ! Thank you for always supporting us


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